Nutrelle (6 boxes)

Nutrelle (6 boxes)

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Nutrelle Extra is a relaxing and slimming detox drink that is able to cleanse your bowel, blood and liver completely free of toxins.

Safe for Breastfeeding Mummies to consume

Green tea extract - regulates cholesterol, burns stored fat & body fat.
Aloe vera - Delivers intestines, a moisturizing effect.
FOS - Strengthens natural probiotics and body immune system.

The benefits of Nutrelle Extra are:
- Solve constipation problems
- Slimming & weight control
- Overcoming abdominal, wind, heartburn, abdominal indigestion & haemorrhoids
- Eliminate headaches, migraine & sleep problems
- Cleanse the skin from dull and wrinkles
- Lowering cholesterol and sugar levels
- Launching the process of smooth excretion
- Prevent blocked blood vessels & heart disease
- Prevent chronic diseases
- Energy & Stamina

Effective to help cope with:
- Inflammation, wind, heartburn, stomach ache, haemorrhoids
- Tired and lifeless
- The skin is dull and wrinkled, black spots around time, cellulite
- Eczema, skin allergies, skin rashes, mites, acne
- Headache, migraines, forgetfulness, irritability, uncontrolled emotion, sleep problems
- Difficult to control weight, high cholesterol levels
- Not fertile and barren
- Pain and arthritis, backache
- Clogged sores, heart disease
- Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, stroke and cancer
- Premature ageing

Method of use:
- Pour Nutrelle Extra into glasses
- Add 180 ml of water (cold or at room temperature)
- Mix until dissolved and drink immediately
- Drink enough water daily

- Multifiber Blend
- Prebiotic FOS
- Aloe Vera
- Green Tea Extract