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Afeeya Café is an aromatic beverage that is very nutritious, tasty to the palate but also provides good benefits for body health.

The world-famous coffee Arabica coffee; is used in the Afeeya Café, making the Afeeya Café unlike the usual coffee drinks available today. Combination of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and natural saponins.

Afeeya Café has the advantage of providing the best benefits for both men and women.
1) Smilax Myosotiflora
2) Swietenia Macrophylla

The advantages of Afeeya Café are:
• Eliminate kidney stones
• Eliminate drowsiness & tackle fatigue
• Improve body immune system
• Healthy lungs and respiratory system
• Nourishing male sperm
• Control high blood pressure
• Strengthens detox function by liver organ
• Slow down the aging process
• Increases concentration and sensitivity
• Lowering cholesterol & controlling blood sugar levels for Diabetic patients

Way to use:
• Pour Afeeya Café into the cup
• Add 180ml hot water immediately.
• Stir well to enjoy a delicious & unique taste.
• Suitable to drink every day

• Sugar
• Non-dairy creamer
• Instant Coffee Powder
• Sweet Potatoes Extracts
• Sky Fruit Extracts
• Contains permitted food conditioners