Alkurma (2 cartons of 6 bottles)

Alkurma (2 cartons of 6 bottles)

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Ener Al-Kurma (300ml per bottle)

Made from the imported Arabian Kurma Ajwa (The highest nutritional values of dates).

Among the functions and properties of Ajwa Dates:

✔ Good for pregnant mothers, providing good nutrition for the baby in the womb and facilitate the process of childbirth.

✔ help to increase the quantity of breast milk and make the baby full faster.

✔ Troubleshooting Jaundice and improve the process of growth, IQ and childhood immunizations.

✔ Provides instant energy absorbed by the body, overcome nausea, fatigue and safe for mummies with Gestational Diabetes

✔ Promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestines to help bowel movement and relieve constipation.

✔ By drinking Ener Alkurma in the morning can help detoxify heavy metals and toxins from the fatty live