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Stevax 3 bottles Sale

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Eskayvie Stevax Natural Sweetener (3 bottles)
10ml per bottle

More sweet!
More delicious!

Stevax is the only natural sweetener from 100% Natural Stevia + Vitamin B7 (Biotin) + Chromium.
Natural sweetener with stevia leaf extract, vitamin B7 & chromium which further enhances your drinks & daily diet
STEVAX content is 30% longer than Stevia products on the market. 

0% Calories!

0% Carbohydrates!

30% Stevia Extract Stronger!


Safe and no calories.Easy to carry and use.Water soluble and suitable for cooking.Help lower the sugar level in the bloodstream.It is Tasty and does not have as “After-taste” as other Stevia products.Highly Recommended for controlling blood sugar levels.1 drop alone is enough to give 1 jug a sweet taste.Recommended for those who want diet and weight management.

Method of use

Drop STEVAX into your drink or cooking.
Stir and enjoy your drinks / food.


Stevia leaf extractVitamin B7Chromium